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Developed in the Soho Rep Writer Director Lab, the play is inspired by a 1842 British government report on child labor in England. British child laborers are brought to the stage by a pair of present day children. The British children sing, dance, labor, tell their stories and battle it out for control of the play with the modern children.

Everyone Has Lots and Lots of Sex examines what happens when one morning, Tim, a wild and mysterious stranger, enters a pharmacy where two bored twenty-something women, Jo and Dixie, work. Tim’s combination of boyish energy and utter forthrightness catalyzes their lives.

Set in December 2163, in a medieval-style castle. The tyrannical King of the castle decrees his planned New Year’s resolutions. One – more brie cheese at all castle events. Two -destroy all copies of Hamlet. Two of the King’s servants, Potiphar and Hermes, outraged at the King’s lack of respect, do the only thing they can – stage the final performance of Hamlet. The play follows them as they secretly put on a last production before the play’s destruction.

The 24 Store is about a family in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan that owns a 24-hour convenience store. Sarah Benson, Artistic Director of Soho Rep, directed a stage reading of the play at Brooklyn College. The family’s two sons, Izhar and Jules go to the local high-school, where they struggle to fit in as the children of a secular Indian father and an American-born Buddist mother. A new student at the high-school, Brianna, pursues a romantic relationship with Jules under her new friend Tawny’s advice. Once the four teenagers lives intersect, they find it impossible to separate.

The play centers on the lives of Thomas and Melinda, both near thirty and lonely, who meet through a miraculous event in the grocery store one day. Thomas invites Melinda over for dinner so they can get to know each other, but neither of them realizes how many different people depend on them for companionship. Soon joining them in the apartment are handymen, sleazy ex-house-guests and downstairs neighbors. And as much as Thomas and Melinda want to get to each other, no one wants to leave.

Clark, 23, a sort of old school romantic, finds himself confused and caught up in the midst of modern life. One day he meets two amazing women in a record store – Elissa, a young woman in love with life and to a great extent herself, and Sarah, an off-putting and extreme record store attendant with a slightly twisted heart of gold. Who will end up with whom?

A modern retelling of the Aeschylus plays Agamemnon and The Libation Bearers, ‘Til Death Do Us Part is the story of two teenage siblings, Orestes and Electra, and the crazy family they find themselves in.

A comedic murder mystery set in an Italian restaurant.

Two statisticians pass the hours hiding secrets and flirting with the ladies at a technology firm in the 1950s.